Tang Lab for  Bioinformatics and Biotechnology


Graduate Students

Bio: Jeff is a third year graduate student in the EECE department at WashU. He started working in Dr. Tang's lab in August 2016 and official joined the lab in December. He has had the opportunity to work on a variety of exciting projects, including with the cold-adapted extremophile Colwellia psychrerythraea and oleaginous yeast. Currently, his thesis project focuses on characterizing and modeling the metabolism of Y. lipolytica and other yeasts. He has also been working with a biotechnology start-up company in St. Louis (Arch Innotek, Founder and Chief Scientific officer: Dr. Yechun Wang) and was part of a team awarded a NSF I-CORPS Site grant and NSF INTERN grant. He recently mentored WashU's iGEM team. Outside lab, his interest include hiking, dancing and running. He can typically be found running through Forest Park before the sunrises.   

Bio: Garrett Roell is a second year PhD student interested in using biotechnology to solve problems outside of healthcare. He studies the metabolism of Rhodococcus opacus, a non-model bacteria that can be used to convert woody materials to biofuels. Additionally, he investigates enzyme channeling in E.coli with the goal of finding mechanisms found in natural pathways that can improve synthetic bioprocess outcomes. On weekends, Garrett enjoys hiking, watching football, and visiting local breweries.


Bio: Duo Zhang is a first year graduate student. He obtained his BS in chemistry from Saint Louis University in 2008, and then he enlisted in the US Army as a Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) specialist, focusing on protecting troops from hazard agents. He has been in Army for 9 years and deployed twice with an armor battalion to support the OIF and the OEF in Horn of Africa. After returned home, he had an opportunity to join an Army Reserve CBRN unit and continued his graduate education in Dr. Tangs lab. His research project will be on environmental remediation.

Bio: Alyssa Worland is a first year PhD student and joined Dr. Tang's lab in December of 2018. She is interested in the use of metabolic flux analysis to advance industrial biotechnology. Currently, she is working on analysis and engineering of the oleaginous yeast Yarrowia lipolytica to convert cheap feedstock to valued products as well as developing methods for product recovery. Outside of the lab or studying, she loves traveling, hiking and spending time with friends.


NSF REU students

Bio: Aryiana Moore is a rising senior at Johns Hopkins University double majoring in Environmental Engineering and Political Science.

Bio: Dahlia Abdulsattar is a rising senior at University of Missouri in St. Louis. She was born in Iraq and has grown up in St. Louis. 



Independent study students

Chun-Yu Chiu (WashU ME student for independent studies)

Xirui Yang (WashU ME students for independent studies)




Name Period and recent position Name Period and recent position
Xueyang  Feng (G) 2008~2012. Assistant Prof at Virginia Tech Bing Wu (P) 2008~2010. Assistant Prof at University of Iceland
Bert Berla (G) 2010~2014. Scientist in Elemental Enzymes Sarah Torkamani (P) 2008~2009. Engineer in ExxonMobil
Arul Varman (G) 2010-2014.  Assistant Professor at ASU Yi Xiao (P) 2010~2012. Professor at SJTU, China
Le You (G) 2010~2015. Scientist at Ambrx, CA Gang Wu (G) 2011~2016. Scientist at Sigma-Aldrich
Zhipeng Wang (MS student) 2008~2009. PhD student at Rice University Lian He (G) 2010-2016. Postdoc at Univ of Washington
Whitney Hollinshead (G) 2012-2017. Scientist in EPA, Wash DC Ni Wan (G) 2014~2017. Scientist at Monsanto
Mary Abernathy (G) 2014~2018.  Specialist at ZS Associates, CA Tola Oyetunde 2015~2018. Scientist at Bethematch
Jacob Rubens (U) 2009 Yisheng Connie Kang (V) 2009
Rick Huang (T) 9.2008~5.2009 Zheng Zhuo (R) 2009
Angela Horst (U) 2009 Jiang Jing (R) 2009
Yin Wang (R) 2009 Amanda Hay (U) 2010
Kristen Jones (U ) 2010 Craig Jacobson (U) 2010
Yogesh Goyal (U) 2010 Zhixi Tang (H) 2010
Jeff Knudsen (R) 2010 Jennifer Head (U) 2010
Peter Colletti (U) 2010 Ryan Lago (U) 2011
Stephanie Deng (H) 2011 Huifeng Yu (U) 2011
Prof. Kirk Dolan (V, from MSU) 6. 2010~6.2011 Prof. Inchul Kong (V, from Korea U) 2011
Kevin Chen (R) 2011 Cheryl Immethun (R) 2012
Amerlia Chen (U) 2012 Brian Zhang (H) 2012
Amelia Nguyen (R) 2012 Charlie Kang (MI) 2012
Madelyn Ball (U)  2012 Charlie Macintosh (R) 2012

Hsi-Wei Yeh(R)

2013 Lifeng Peng (V, From VUW, nz) 8.2012~1.2013
Dianyi Liu (R) 2013 Yi Yu (V, from Wuhan Univ) 8.2012~7.2013
Chih Ming Ma (V, Taiwan) 2013 Maddy To (H) 2013, 2014
Lillian Cai (H) 2013 Kylie Cottone (H) 2014
Zachary Hembree (U) 2014 Gaurav Mahamuni (U from IIT)  2014
Katrina Leyden (U) 2014 Yunci Qi (R) 2014
Xiaotong Duan (U) 2014 Haifeng Hang 2014~2015
Shangqing Li (U) 2014 Kevin Zhao (U) 2014
Adrienne Reding (U) 2015/2016 Po-Cheng Lin (R) 2015
Aditya Sarnaik (V) 2016 Kam'Ron Battle (H) 2016-2018
Jiung-Wen Chen (MS) 2017 Xuguang Wei (MS) 2018
Bingdi Liu (MS) 2018 Nathenson (U) 2018
WashU iGEM team (U) 2009 (gold medal) WashU iGEM team 2010 (silver medal)


G: PhD student; MS: MS student;  T: technician; H: summer high school student; R: rotation students  

P: postdoc;  V: visiting scholar; U: summer undergraduate researcher

Note: Several REU students went to graduate schools at top universities

Jacob Rubens (MIT); Yogesh Goyal (Princeton); Madelyn Ball (University of Wisconsin, Madison); Huifeng Yu (Cambridge, UK): Xiaotong Duan (Stanford)