Yinjie Tang, Associate Professor

Director, Chemical Engineering Undergraduate Program

Energy, Environmental and Chemical Engineering Department

Washington University, Campus Box 1180, One Brookings Drive, St. Louis, MO 63130

Office Location: Brauer Hall, Room 1025 

Phone: 314-935-3441; Email: yinjie.tang  @AT@  wustl.edu


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The Tang Lab characterizes environmental microorganisms via 13C-metabolic flux analysis and multi-scale modeling of cellular processes.

We also engineer microbial metabolisms for feedstock utilization and chemical production. Our research focuses on:

1. New pathways or metabolic topologies in nonmodel species.

2. Genome to phenome mapping (including channeling)

3. Carbon/energy balancing under genetic or environmental stresses.

4. Artificial intelligence to improve metabolic model predictions.  

5. Engineering nonmodel species (Yeast and cyanobacteria).




About PI: I was born in Shanghai and grew up in a small village in Jiangxi. I did my high school in Ningbo (Xiao Shi High School). I finished my BS and MS degrees at Tianjin University (advisor: Xue-Ming Zhao). I received my PhD in Chemical Engineering (advisor: Barbara Krieger-Brockett) at the University of Washington (2004). I did my postdoctoral research at UC Berkeley (Advisor: Jay Keasling). I worked at Washington University since 2008. My lab has graduated seven PhD students (including one African American, two female students).