Yinjie Tang, Professor

 Energy, Environmental and Chemical Engineering 

  Washington University, Campus Box 1180

  One Brookings Drive, St. Louis, MO 63130

  Office Location: Brauer Hall, Room 1025 

  Phone: 314-935-3441

  Email: yinjie.tang  @AT@  wustl.edu

  Note: Your emails may be lost due to the spam filter.  So feel free to call my office .   




1. Characterize metabolisms/pathways in nonmodel microbial species using "omics" tools

2. Engineer algae and nonmodel yeast (Yarrowia) for synthesis of biofuels and natural products

3. Develop metabolic models using machine learning and functional genomics

4. Optimize bioreactor/photobioreactor operations via Design of Experiments, Multivariate Analysis, Kinetic Modeling, and Process Control 



1. Departmental Services: Graduate Director (2015~2016);  Graduate committee (2008~2014); Faculty search committee (9 times); Faculty search chair (2019~2020); Bio-cluster coordinator (since 2012);  Undergraduate Director (2016~Jan. 2019, prepared 2018 ABET evaluation);

2. Associate Editors (Microbial Cell Factories; Biotechnology for Biofuel); Guest Editors (Frontiers in Microbiology; Current Opinion in Biotechnology)

3. Journal Reviewing Services (for over 20 journals and three text books)

4. Roundtable panelist: NSF (MCB, CBET, IIP), EPA Star Program; DOE (ARPA-E)

5. Ad hoc grant reviewers for: DOE EERE, NSF (DBI), BBSRC, MacArthur Fellows Program, National Natural Science Foundation of China, Israel Science Foundation, GIF German Israeli Foundation, Genome Canada (Genomic Applications Partnership Program)

6. External Academic Reviewer for: Environmental Engineering and Science Program at the Air Force Institute of Technology

7. WashU Conflicts of Interest Review Committee

8. Conference session chair (Biochemical and Molecular Engineering, 2019)




Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Award (2010)

Department Chairís Award for Outstanding Teaching (2013)

U.S. Air Force Research Lab Summer Faculty Fellowship (2019)


Short Bio: Born in Shanghai, I grew up in Zhejiang Province, China. I obtained BS (1997) and MS (1999) in chemical engineering at Tianjin University in China. My MS thesis was on riboflavin fermentation and purification (advisor Xue-Ming Zhao). I did my PhD at University of Washington (1999~2004), where my study focused on marine bioremediations (advisor Barbara Krieger-Brockett). My postdoc research was at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (advisor Jay Keasling). I have worked at Washington University since 2008.